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Iva Toguri, a patriotic young Japanese-American woman and her knock-dead sexy girlfriend, Saisho, are stranded in Tokyo after Pearl Harbor is attacked. Both find amorous adventure when they are recruited into a team of spicy female radio deejays broadcasting to the G.I.'s, while historic battles of WWII rage in the Pacific.

On the home front, these broadcasts are vilified and ascribed to a "Tokyo Rose", a name never used in these broadcasts, but the name the G.I.s collectively ascribed to all the Radio Tokyo Zero Hour deejays. Iva, constantly maintaining her patriotism under intense pressure, returns home after the war to be tried for treason as Tokyo Rose in the racist post war government and media vendetta.

WGA Registered

The life and crime spree of Sante Kimes and her son Kenneth and the F.B.I. agent who pursues and eventually orchestrates their capture.

Sante, born in a brothel, raised in the streets until she was adopted as an adolescent, learned early how to use her beauty and cunning to survive. After the untimely death of Kenneth Kimes, Sr., Sante's millionaire husband, Sante and her son, Kenneth Kimes, Jr., left a trail of murders, real estate swindles, arson, grand theft and slavery in their wake by the time they got to New York. But when beloved elderly socialite Irene Silverman, owner of the uptown mansion where the Kimes were staying, went missing and was presumed dead, the mother-son grifter team's trail of blood and fraud finally caught up with them.

WGA Registered

Status: In turnaround at Castle Rock Films

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