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Ellen Sander's Laws and Corollaries:

  • If you're looking for the caramels in the assorted chocolates, they are probably the square ones.

  • Food stands on car wash lots can be pretty good.

  • If you plan all day to watch a certain TV program, and you don't fall asleep, someone will phone you right after it begins.

  • If you want to produce the album, don't do the demo.

  • The ocean doesn't care if you are cute.

  • The reasons things sometimes seem like they are too much trouble is that they really are *TOO MUCH TROUBLE!*

  • There is no such thing as too much duct tape.

  • In the computer industry you work with bugs and pros, but you should draw the line at pigs and cons. If you need the money that badly, you should be doing something else.

  • The problem with capitalism is that it is so easy and so rewarding to cheat. (Gary Saxer)

  • No problem survives perspective.