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Get Lost

Get lost, get lost in
music or frailty or the
smell of latte mixed with the ocean air.
Get lost in lingerie or science fiction
or pictures of your parents before you were born.

Lose yourself lighting candles and incense.
Wander in colors and shapes,
Get lost where you are,
without moving.
Get lost with your eyes open.
Get lost by yourself.
Get so lost you're afraid
and then lose yourself in fear.

Follow the stitching in the placemat
while you wait for your pizza.
Get lost inside your clothing.

Get lost in the ceiling.
Get lost in the shower,
go down the drain with the foam and
get lost in the sewer.

Get lost in Africa. Get lost passively.
Get lost in the color of tea.

Leave the moment, get lost somewhere else.
You have to go where you've never been.
Be gone, get lost, let go, don't come back, get lost.
Forget what I'm saying, get lost
in the sound of voices.

Ellen Sander

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