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This letter is in response to a favorable review I did for "Side Trips" (LP Epic 1967) the first Kaleidoscope album. This was a wonderful, unusually ecclectic band, a fore runner in many ways. They were probably the first "world beat" album, a groundbreaking fusion of Middle Eastern music and rock, the first band David Lindley was in, etc.

Exemplifying their charm and quirkiness, Max Buda, the keyboard and violin player, sends this informal Thank You note. That didn't happen too often, and I appreciated it. Strange twist though…history reveals that "Fenrus" and and "Max Buda" are all the same guy, producer Chester Crill. It's one thing to do this kind of sleight-of-name on an album cover but to make a point of it in a letter? Guy might've had MPD, wot?

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