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There are a lot of posts about China in the blog, in archives 2002 to mid 2006.
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Amoy, Quanzhou and Chongwu
Scenic and cultural short side-trips around Xiamen, encountering temples, statuary, relics, a 700 year old walled village and another beach.

On the Great Wall
In November, 2003 the Great Wall of China in Beijing. Here are scenes from that foggy Day.

Vacation in Dali, Yunnan
Dali, in Yunnan Province, summer vacation 2003, a fascinating, exotic, out-of-the-way region in the province just south of Tibet.

Xiamen Univeristy, nearby Gulang Yu, Vacation in Nanshan on Hainan
These are pictures from the first year,in China: Xiamen, nearby Gulang Yu and vacation in the south of China, on Hainan Island, which the Chinese call the end of the world.

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