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Voyage to Dali, August 11-23, 2003

A magical fascinating place. Dali old town (ancient village) has an international flair. It attracts travelers from all over, mostly from China and other parts of Asia, but also many people from Europe and the Americas. Jazz, Rock and Flamenco pours out of speakers, mingling with the local music, which is played on a pipe made out of a fluted two lobed dried gourd. You can eat all kinds of food there, Tibetan, local, Chinese, Korean...and Pizza! Unlike most other places in China I'd been, coffee and bread were abundant. And so are the smiles and endearing good nature of the native people. It is a very tourist-friendly place with many English speaking guides, shopkeepers, resort hosts and vendors. Dali is situated near the foothills of the Himalayas, on the southern end of the legendary Silk Road, in Yunnan province, south of Tibet.

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Jin Hua Hotel in the twilight

Our Room at Jin Hua Hotel

Our room in Jin Hua hotel in Dali

Dali Local Store Speaks Out!

Star Cafe

Looking down the street toward the south gate

Dali Library

Joseph in front of Dali Library

Local Restasurant display

Vegetarian Restaurant Display

Seaweed for lunch

Mountain in the Mist

Horse Taxis

Dali roof

Dali Village Admin Center

Street vendor near bus station in Dali

Big Cable Car to Cangshan Mountain

Cangshan Mountain

Cangshan Mountain Stream

Cangshan Mountain Wildflowers

Cangshan Mountain Shrine

Cangshan Mountain Grotto

Joseph at the Grotto

Grotto stream

Bo Ai Road in Dali Old City

opposite Foreigners Street

Dali Street

Local villagers perform in the Old City

villagers in the old city

villagers in the old city

villagers in the old city

rooftops in Dali

Pagoda seen from the village wall

Temple roof

South Temple

Fan Tailed Doves

Fan Tailed Doves in Temple Eaves

The village wall

Village Wall

Temple Guides in local costume


View of Erhai Lake from the temple wall

Village Wall from the Outside

Tang Dynasty Restaurant at night

Luz and Natien

Three Pagodas Park

Three Pagodas Park

Three Pagodas Park

Village tour

Bai Village Market

Bai Village Vendor

Bai Village smiles

Happy about having her picture taken

The girl with the baby wants this picture

The scent of these beans and spices were intoxicating

Smiling Bai girl

Joseph with Cee-gar


Afay, our guide, 8-17-03

Antique Shop

Antique Shop

Saddles in the Antique Shop

Village alleyway

Joseph Bargaining Step 1

Joseph Bargaining step 2


Indigo Tie Die Factory

Bai Funeral

Bai Funeral

Funeral Band

Funeral Band

Funeral Procession

The Sons

Cormorant Fishing


Joseph and Cormorants

Joseph and Cormorants

Joseph and Cormorant

Ellen and Cormorants

Ellen and Cormorants

Afay's Brother

Cormorant in the water

Cormorant gives fish to boatman

Afay and his brother

Joseph and Ellen in the fishing boat

Bai Fishing Village

Cormorants in the water

Feeding Baby Cormorants

Cormorants drying

Farm village by the lake

Dinnertime in the fam village

Street Life at night in Dali

Street Life at night in Dali Old City

Sammy in Civies

Sammy in Bai Costume

Tour Boat Cabin

Tour boat deck

Lake Tour Boat

Our Guide, Mr. Zhao Yan Biao

Joseph on the Lake Tour Boat

From Little Puoto

Jinsou Island

Jinsou Island town

Jinsou market

Seafood and Veggies under a red umbrella

Lunch fare on Jinsou Island

Clams as big as your hand

Bai Temple Party

Ellen and Bai Matrons

They love her hair

Ellen and Bai Matron

To Zhaos village

Donkeys on the road to Mr Zhous village

Zhao's village

Zhaos village

Our Limo

Fellow Teachers

Mountain Ride to Zhonghe Temple

Mongolian Ponies

Palace at Zhonghe peak

Zhonghe Temple in the Mountain

Zhonghe Temple

Lunch fixin's at Zhonghe peak

The Cable Car to Zhonghe-which we didn't take

Erhai lake from Zhonghe peak

Peacocks at Zhonghe Palace

Mountain top rest

The mountain hiking path above Zhonghe Temple

Hiking above Zhonghe Temple

Zhonghe Mountain Gorge

Waterfall on Zhonghe Mountain

Marble in the Wild

Joseph and Afay, our guide

Ellen and Afay


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