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Travels in Fujian

Pictures from a bike ride through Amoy with Patricia in May 2003 and our 3 day trip to Quanzhou and Chongwu in July 2003

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Matzu Temple on Amoy

Matzu Temple Entrance

Temple Shrine

Temple Tile Painting inside the temple

Carvings on outside temple wall on Amoy

Ellen and Matzu


Kaiyuan Temple Pagoda

Carvings on the base of the pagoda

Kaiyuan Temple carving

Bodhi Tree at Kaiyuan Temple Park

Kaiyuan Pagoda

Dragon Detail

Atop the rocky hill at Kaiyuan

Warrior garden in the fog


Hui'an Lady

Joseph and student Caroline

Us under the grace of the Buddha, Chongwu statuary park

Snow White

Chinese God and Mickey Mouse

Statue in Chongwu statuary park, an elderly man nursing on his auntie

Statue in Chongwu statuary park


Beach at Chongwu


The Monkey King at Chongwu

Stone carving at th beach at Chongwu

Entrance to the ancient walled village in Chongwu

Cannon inside the wall to repel invaders

Polling Place

Village Wall

Guan Yin before her sex change

MaTzu in Chongwu

Quanzhou Maritme Museum Religious Relic Collection


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