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Zen bicycle rider, core trekkie, propellorhead.

There are few things I love as much as music and dancing. One of them is technology. (And I certainly met a lot of musicians and dancers in the tech sector.) Computer technology interpolates the intrigue of possibilities with a technique of writing that embodies its own performance. This is what Arthur C. Clark meant when he wrote: "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Programming is writing, albeit in a specialized language. It is the literature of the future tense.

I've had a distinguished twelve years in the software industry as, variously, database designer/programmer, Natural Language programmer, A.I. modeler, manager of content development, game scripter, technical writer, software design consultant, author, journalist, (natch), lecturer, test pilot, manager of technical documents and now, web designer. These companies and clients I worked for let me run wild through their candy store of hardware, software, data, the amazing developers, technicians, visionaries and designs. They didn't care what a newbie I was, just that I satisfied my appetite to learn and my mad scientist delusions.

I entered that business with curiosity and an almost instinctive aptitude and learned everything on the jobs. It was very gratifying, in so many ways, to be a part of another revolution and another paradigm shift, perhaps the most important one in the history of civilization.

Along the way I had the opportunity to write and co-write some technical books on information design and memory management.

Here are some cool links and odd items of interest to fellow propellorheads. If any of these links are broken, a thousand apologies. Just let us know and we'll fix that bad boy tout suite.

Get Current Time with World Time Server
Enter a country or city:

Virus Hoax & Information
If you get a frantic email about a virus or a public figure, check the hoax database at Snopes Hoax Checker before you pass it on. Most email virus alerts are hoaxes. Don't propagate false virus alarms or defamation. That having been said, get a good anti-virus program and keep it updated. It's worth it!

And while I'm nagging, back up your computer data often.

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Convert Anything
Use this handy website to convert weights, measurements, etc. Online Conversion Tools
Convert currency here.

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The Best Comprehensive Reference Site I've Found
You can find a multitude of reference sites using Refdesk, a truly staggering collection of sources. It's created and maintained by Matt Drudge's father. How is that for irony?

Techie's Delight
Cool items du jour, searchable article base: How Stuff Works

Area Code Decoder
If you're trying to figure out where a call came from, you can surf to the Area Code Decoder and look it up.

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A few books I wrote or co-wrote along the way...

Tech Books Authored or Co-Authored by Ellen Sander
English Ed.
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Portugés Ed. English Ed.
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Asian Ed. English Ed.
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English Ed.
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