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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What Choo Spect?

Cause and Effect Department: Levar Burton, of Roots, Reading Rainbow and Star Trek TNG fame was in a fenderbender in Beverly Hills yesterday. One of his most recent tweets: "RT @simplediary: What does it take to make you furious? Getting stuck behind a Prius on the freeway!"

Yaaa, like, hello? Don't tempt the hybrid godz.

He's OK.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

RIP Arthur Okamura 1932-2009

It's hard to imagine life without you.
Arthur. How can you be gone?
A part of my heart dies with you.

Birds Over a Rice Field
 --for Arthur Okamura
     (Sept 27, 1973)

Birds over a rice field

Impossible starlings
each a plane apart.

He makes thermals occur
on paper, I tell you
like Marcel Marceau
he has birds
disappear which
were never there
in the first place.

    Ellen Sander

Obit here

Arthur made a kite of toothpicks and tissue paper that flew. Arthur gave me HD for my birthday wrapped in paper that had his handprints on it. I don't know what happened to the book, but I still have the paper. Arthur did some illustrations for my Interview With the Universe, still unpublished. Arthur picked up a piece of tube kelp on the beach, cut a hole in it and played it like a rams horn trumpet. Arthur could deliver the funniest line deadpan and drop a whole table full of people. Arthur was in an internment camp when he was a child. Arthur sat Zazen for over a week. When I was in Arthur's studio it seemed like a shrine of some kind. He said it's not hard to paint. First you decide what you want to do and then you just do it. Arthur painted monarch butterflies on the wall of the Bolinas Store. When the monarchs no longer swarmed on Terrace Ave, they moved up the mesa to another eucalyptus grove closer to Arthur.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

On the passing of Michael Jackson

American artist, musical fireball, brilliant phenomenon

In my lifetime, it is the popular music artist galvanizing our culture with excitement bordering on ecstasy, with gatherings of huge numbers in admiration and in in love, that ignites us. As mourners and admirers all over the world gather to celebrate Michael Jackson, the radiant breadth and utter sweetness of his influence becomes evident.

At this dangerous and contentious moment in our world, a major gathering of humanity in unison and love is a precious thing. It is historical and fitting that this convocation occurs over the air, through the net and in the flesh in such profusion that it may well be the largest public congregation ever.

I say set aside, in this moment of sadness, inferential speculation and spurious judgment about his personal life, about which we will never completely know, and which does not in reality affect the enormous and undeniable gift of his talent and work.

The creativity, inclusion, social critique and fierce artistry expressed by Michael Jackson with such style and panache is unlikely to be equaled. For these things, and for the international humanitarianism and direct good works he has exhibited and inspired, I celebrate his works and honor his passing.


We are the World

Roberto Cortes Rodriguez is Watching Michael Jackson's Funeral Live on
- Puerto Rico.

Balqishahanum Bt Bahari hai ada sesiapa di sini dari malaysia?

Chienna del Rosario now we should realize the meaning of "HEAL THE WORLD" lets to our share..
- Hong Kong

Barbara Corbeil Rest in Peace Micheal.
- Ottawa, ON

Amit Dhar still cant believe this. Its monumental day in history.
- Nassau County, NY

Saiiry's ProducerArtist Mickael Jackson you a king forever R.I.P respect!!
- Israel

Ngo Quang Truong Heal The World.

Marlon Bautista rest in peace MJ, you will always be remembered.....
- Philippines

Joe Adler grew up listening to MJ. This is a sad day, but his music will live forever.
- Burlington, VT

Wang Yihong I have so many precious memories with you, your music. I don't need to remember you. You're always in my heart.
- Hong Kong

Chienna del Rosario now we should realize the meaning of "HEAL THE WORLD" lets to our share.
- Hong Kong

Daniela Osío Herrera : The King is gone. The Legend is born. Legends Never Dies.
- Venezuela

Amelia Poon Rest in peace, Michael. You are one in a million. I enjoy your dancing ability.
- London

Tyrone Twin Payne I remember when my brother and I used to have dance contests to see who dance like Michael Jackson.
- Washington, DC

Daniela Osío Herrera The King is gone. The Legend is born. Legends Never Dies...
- Venezuela

Rohan Jacob well he was the most loved and yet so misunderstood gr8tst msuci star of this planet.
- India

Fidelis St.Hill MJ live.
- Barbados

(comments gleaned from CNN Live Event)

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